How did I evaluate the mattress toppers?

  1. I read hundreds of reviews to learn about different styles and brands
  2. I ordered six of the most popular mattress toppers available on Amazon
  3. I put each mattress topper on my old mattress and slept on it for a week
  4. I assessed how well it fit the bed and whether it stayed in position 
  5. I observed how evenly the filling was distributed
  6. I assessed the thickness of the mattress topper 
  7. I took note of how cool the mattress topper felt to sleep on
  8. I considered the overall comfort and support provided by each mattress topper

What were the most important factors for choosing a mattress topper?

  1. Soft, pillowy comfort

  2. Quilted squares to keep the filling in place

  3. Thick enough to provide adequate support

  4. Breathable and cool 

  5. Durable, high-quality construction

  6. Attaches securely to the bed and doesn’t shift

  7. Machine washable

  8. Good value for money